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Meal Plans Now Available!

Cutz and Gainz begin in the kitchen. If your muscle growth or fat loss has come to a stand-still, shake things up with a new, personalized meal-plan.  I’ll show you what to eat and in what portions to match your goals.

During the initial consultation (skype, facetime or telephone) we discuss your current diet,  body composition,  activity level and any food allergies or medical conditions you might have. Using this information I’ll  formulate a personalized nutrition guide made specifically for your body and your goals.  If you need me I’m there to help you chart your progress, make modifications to the plan and hold you accountable.


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Personalized Nutrition Guide
8 Weeks Monitoring & Support


Personalized Nutrition Guide
4 Weeks Monitoring & Support


Personalized Nutrition Guide
Without monitoring

Man Up!

Testosterone is a naturally occurring androgenic hormone responsible all the physical characteristics that make men- MEN. Testosterone is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass and overall health and sense of well-being. As we age, it is natural for testosterone levels to slowly decrease. After the age of 30 a man’s testosterone level drops about 1% each year. Other conditions such as obesity and diabetes can also negatively affect testosterone levels. I’m certain that every guy visiting this website wants more muscle mass, less body fat and increased physical performance. Growing older and a growing belly don’t have to go hand in hand. The good news is there are natural ways to maintain and boost your T-Levels.

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